Late Shri M D Neelgund



Shri. M. D Neelgund was an advocate by profession and a social worker.

He realize the needs of middle class families of having their own houses, but were finding difficult to buy plot with clear titles in easy installments.

He resigned to his Government Service to start the business of Real Estate Development in the year 1982. This was the birth of “Neelgund Developers ” under the name of ” Jawahar Co-Operative Housing Society”

His business philosophy was Flexible Payment Schedules, Delivering plots with clean titles and prompt client service, This Earned him trust along with an opportunity to launch more than 42 projects over a period of 32 years.
Late Shri. M D Neelgund.

Shri. M D Neelgund was also active in Social Service Activities, like Community Development and Primary Education for poor. Twice being a Member of Hubli-Dharwad development Authority. He has contributed to the development of real estate sector in the twin cities and town planning initiatives.

He was a Living Legend & Social Activist, “Who dreamt to create Social Welfare of the Society”. Where with every middle class family can afford to fulfill their dreams, of owning a own house in the twin city township. He has relentlessly contributed towards this cause and helped the needy to fulfill their dreams.