To fullfill every family’s dream of owning a house, In reality by offering ethical, economical, quality & hassle-free Real Estate Development Services.


To be the most trusted real estate developers and builders for every family in the region of our operations. And to deliver real estate services in the most comfortable and economical way to each of our client. Thus achieve the number one position by virtue of the ethical & professional services rendered to the society.

NEELGUND Real Estate provides high-quality, comfortable Asset units in North Karnataka and other areas of Karnataka. NEELGUND apartment units offer state-of-the-art living conditions reflective of the rapid advancements in technology and a growing need for quality housing. Our company is dedicated to a hassle free living environment in which our Customers can enjoy all of the benefits of safe, attractive, and inviting units. Unlike many other realty companies that are solely concerned with turning profits, our primary objective at NEELGUND is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction that is achievable. safety, happiness, and comfort are our main goals. NEELGUND maintains competitive market prices, while working toward expanding the number of units owned, and increasing total profits earned. Within the company we will strive to work as a cohesive, harmonious unit focused on exemplifying our mission. Just as customer satisfaction is an intricate part of NEELGUND’s success, so is employee satisfaction. That is way the founder of NEELGUND Real Estate believe that employee satisfaction will make the company a success and will be the key to their longevity.

Initial focus will be to buy and develop existing apartment complexes. We will modify and remodel the acquired real estate so as to meet NEELGUND’s standards and increase long-term assets and income. Housing units will predominantly be located in the University neighborhood targeting both students and professionals. NEELGUND’s fosters the ideals of the importance of Customer’s needs along with healthy and understanding relationships and a professional commitment to satisfaction.