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Embrace tranquil living with premium residential plots, set in serene landscapes, ready for you to create your dream home.

We don't just sell plots,

We craft the canvas for your dream home, blending nature with future living.

Specializing in strategic sales execution for diverse property development projects

Every plot at Neelgund holds a promise –

a promise of a home rooted in serenity, designed for tomorrow.

Delivering excellence in constructing state-of-the-art residential and commercial spaces

Neelgund's residential plots are where your vision of home becomes a reality.

Strategic Location

Prime locations ensuring value, convenience, and excellent investment potential.

Clear Legal Documentation

Transparent, hassle-free legal processes for secure ownership transfer.

Trusted Legacy Assurance

Decades of reliability, delivering your trust with every plot.

Vastu Homes

Harmonious, energy-aligned plots designed for peace and prosperity.

Why Should You Buy?

"Introducing a serene residential layout on Hubli-Gadag Highway featuring eco-friendly amenities, well-lit, tree-lined streets, and fully-equipped civic zones for modern living."

Residential Plots on Hubli - Gadag Highway


Experience the pinnacle of gated community living on the main Hubballi-Gadag Highway. A RERA-approved sanctuary by Neelgund Developers, offering premium residential and commercial plots amidst a landscape of tranquility and security."

Residential Plots on Hubli - Gadag Highway


Current Projects

Completed Projects

Neelgund Developers takes pride in a portfolio of successful projects, each reflecting our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Our completed developments testify to our dedication to transforming living spaces while fostering community and enhancing lifestyles. Join us in celebrating our legacy of crafted environments that residents proudly call home.

SERENITY project in Gopankoppa/Sulla Road featuring 104 plots across 169,763 sqft for serene residential living


Nestled in Gopankoppa/Sulla Road, Serenity boasts 169,763 sqft of land with 104 plots, offering a tranquil living environment amidst lush landscapes.

EIRENA’s spacious 175,803 sqft with 153 plots on Kusugal Road, tailored for premium living experiences


Spanning 175,803 sqft, Eirena on Kusugal Road features 153 plots, setting a benchmark for serene and spacious living in a coveted location.

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ELEGANCE on Kusugal Road offers a mix of 47 residential and commercial plots within 95,471 sqft, blending luxury and business


Elegance combines residential luxury and commercial opportunity on Kusugal Road with 65,751 sqft for homes and 29,720 sqft for business spaces, totaling 47 plots.

EMERALD’s luxury plots over 104,765 sqft on Kusugal Road, crafting serene and upscale living space


Emerald, located on Kusugal Road, offers 79 plots across 104,765 sqft, encapsulating premium living in a vibrant community setting.


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