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South Hyderabad: A Growing Investment Destination

Infographic of South Hyderabad showing major development zones and growth indicators like SEZs and international airport connectivity
South Hyderabad the Upcoming Area

Hyderabad’s Boom and Allure


The city of Hyderabad is among the fastest-growing metropolitans in India. Massive investments in infrastructural development, improved connectivity, and the availability of large tracts of land have made this possible. The government’s concerted efforts have attracted local and international businesses wanting a share in this lucrative market.


Rise of Southern Part of Hyderabad


Southern Hyderabad has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with many multinational corporations setting bases there. Several industrial clusters and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) cater to different industries within this region. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) enhances international linkage, acting as a major enabler for global business and thus spurring local economies.


Major Developments In South Hyderabad


Some indicators that show how valuable this area is include the presence of data centers owned by big players like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and Hyderabad Pharma City being located here, among others. Major highways such as Bengaluru Highway, Srisailam Highway & Nagarjuna Sagar Highway pass through the southern part, thereby improving accessibility to other parts of the country and leading to its growth.


A closer look at some Key Spots along Bengaluru Highway:


- Shamshabad: Known mainly because of RGIA, Shamshabad is currently undergoing transformation through comprehensive area development under HADA – Hyderabad Airport Development Authority.


Muchintal: JIMS (Jeeyar Integrated Management Studies) Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital and other educational institutions have made themselves home at Muchintal. The town boasts the Statue Of Equality among its landmarks and is showing rapid growth in the healthcare services sector.


Thimmapur and Kothur: This locality is characterized by a residential real estate boom coupled with industrial expansion. People can find affordable houses near their workplaces, thus saving time spent on commuting.


- Chandanvelly and Mekaguda: Massive investments by Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and Amazon Inc.(AMZN) have been made here, leading to the faster pace of development that will soon turn these areas into industrial hubs.


Other Promising Areas:


- Shadnagar: The recent upgrade of Shadnagar town to a district headquarters status has led to increased demand for housing units in this region, which is supported by developments such as the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC).


- Balanagar and Jadcherla: These two towns are experiencing growths never seen before, especially when it comes to the pharmaceuticals industry and food processing sectors, respectively, thereby becoming major players in these domains within the southern part.


Srisailam & Nagarjuna Sagar Highways – Strategic Development Zones


Srisailam Highway, connecting Hyderabad Pharma City with Electronics City, among other key locations, is poised for massive infrastructural developments. Its counterpart, Nagarjuna Sagar Highway, which runs parallel and close behind, too, will witness a facelift aimed at enhancing connectivity and thus promoting overall growth along it.


Investment Opportunities In South Hyderabad


Strategic developments like the establishment of SEZs coupled with the creation of industrial corridors indicate that south Hyderabad is fast transforming into a prime investment destination where investors can expect handsome returns within a short period. For instance, the Tukkuguda area has started gaining prominence due to its proximity to major transportation nodes like the airport and IT establishments.


South Hyderabad Plots – Best Investment Option


The best investment decision anyone can make today is buying open plots down south, particularly around Lemoor, Tukkuguda, or anywhere along Srisailam highway, considering what Aspirealty currently has on offer. These lands come fully equipped with all necessary amenities, including clubhouses and swimming pools. Hence they are ideal for residential purposes as well as capital appreciation.




The southern part of Hyderabad presents itself as an area full of promises for investors looking forward to reaping big profits soon. Therefore, it is recommended that more attention should be given to ensuring holistic development ranging from industries to residential facilities within this region.

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